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When life gives you lemmons, go to Lime

So, I just wanted to take the time and reflect on what a chill week it has been. I stayed in Nashville for spring break, and after some apprehension, am glad that I did. I got a lot of work done at the beginning of the week, but had a lot of fun for a change. Yeah…going to have more to do than I would have liked once classes resume though. My master plan was to actually get ahead in a couple classes, but instead I opted for lazy shopping trips with friends where we primarily just hung out and had plans almost every night this week.

Housekeeping hasn’t come by in a couple weeks, and my place is a bit out of sorts. Funny thing is though, I don’t even care all that much. Usually, the cleanliness is a reflection of my current state of mind. But, this week, it has not been a glass ball revealing my inner state of turmoil. I just haven’t had a maid come in and I’ve been too busy and happy to care.

I’ve broken out of routine this week. I’ve met some awesome new people that I like very much and hope that friendships will grow, and most importantly, strengthen. So, there is this “new experiences” theme that has always run through my journal. The first was probably saying peace to my family and really and truly being 100% on my own in a city that I’ve grown to love. What I’m currently working on is making new and interesting friends. As a consequence of this more gregarious personality, the desire to try new places has been raised. (Time out-I’m  very much a creature of habit. Once I find a coffee place, bar, sushi restaurant, etc, that I love, I am a regular.) I’ve recently felt the desire to hit City Search and get outside of the Vanderbubble more. (PS, The Vanderbubble refers to how Vandy kids sometimes never get out of the immediate area surrounding campus.) I used to laugh about it as being a joke, but it really is true, and I ultimately got sucked in.

In an effort to try something new, this leads me to my fave memory of the week. Carlie, Alex and I ended up with a reservation at Lime. Which is this Latin fusion place downtown. There is no way to describe it other than “hyper trendy”. But, me being me, I thoroughly buy into and enjoy that kind of stuff. They make the most amazing drinks, which of course is the most important part ;) They hand squeeze the juices, which means I think I’m spoiled when it comes to drink mixes now. I am a Denver Jamba Juice girl, and can taste the difference between fresh and concentrate from a mile off. So, Lime’s cocktails were a pleasant treat! But here is the funniest part, or maybe it was just to me since I’d followed a golden apple martini with a banana cocktail. What we had thought was parking originally turned out to not be free parking. Or so said the chains that had been put up around all the exits. Well, they hadn’t been there before, and none of us knew what to do. It turns out it was parking reserved for Arbys. So while we were driving around the lot thinking, I had just decided that we’d have to figure out some way to obtain Arby’s to avoid getting ticketed and get out of the lot, when Carlie decided fuck it and took her little yellow VW bug named Gretel around the chain over a curb and onto the street. Who says cute little cars weren’t meant for off-roading ;) What would I do without fun and innovative people? These girls are great, and kept me happily occupied on a break that could have been super lonely. There has also been some other friend related drama that has taken place lately, but it has been mere background noise this week. Just goes to show, when life gives you lemons, go to Lime ;)  Love Ya’ll!





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Mar. 9th, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
Off-Road in a Small Car
Just reading about our fun night has really made me laugh.

I still can't believe I took Gretel off-roading... poor girl. She's definitely getting the works when I take her to get cleaned, sometime this week.

Life is full of surprises, fun ones sometimes it would seem.

Thanks for reminding me of that, *hug*
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