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So…I started out with the intention of righting a serious entry about the state of people with disabilities and consumerism as it pertains to service dogs. But then I kind of got side tracked by a barista named Nate.

Today just keeps getting better and better. Last night was a super fun night. Carlie and I went to the symphony to see a one night only performance by Mariza, an amazing Fado singer. Fado style music is like a hybrid of American Blues and Spanish Flamenco. She told us that in Portuguese, Fado means “destiny”, sometimes in the happy sense and sometimes in the unhappy sense. It was a fantastic experience, and would not have been the same had it not been live. Sitting in a concert hall with hundreds of other people that are experiencing the same thing as you, and trying to interprete music that is in a different language, was nothing short of a cultural experience to say the least.  

 Then I woke up this morning and dug out a cute springesque outfit since it is 78 degrees here today. Well, I was running across the catwalk when a classmate told me that developmental psych had been cancelled. Hallelujah! So I altered my course of travel and have landed at Starbucks. The guy behind the counter started chatting with me and then offered to bring my drink to me so I wouldn’t have to wait. How often do you get that kind of service at Starbucks? For $5, the drink should walk itself over to you. But, the brutal reality is that all of us gather around a tiny counter in our over sized satchels and stand indefinitely in heals, hoping with a fervor similar to that of over eager parents that have had their private school aspiring toddler waitlisted, that the next drink up will be ours. But, today, I skipped this ritual and was booted up before you could say, “grande light ice caramel macchiato”. He brought my drink to me, and as I removed my white ear buds from my ears, he asked me if I was using JAWS on my computer. (JAWS is a program that makes computers fully functional to the blind). A genuine smile splashed across my face as I asked him how he knew about JAWS. He explained that he had a blind friend growing up. He lightly touched my shoulder as he set my drink down at the table beside me. He introduced himself, and all I have to say is…same place, same time tomorrow ;)  

I’m at one of my favorite places. The Starbucks on 21st is notorious for having hot baristas.
I come here to get my flirtation fix along with my caffeine fix ;) There is a small grouping of deliciously comfortable velvet chairs clustered around a fireplace. I’ve passed a lot of thought provoking time in these chairs. This Starbucks is kind of special in the sense that this is where I had my interview for Vandy, a year ago next week actually. In so many ways, it doesn't seem that long ago. Time has flown, which is a new phenomenon for me since I feel like my life drug for 20 years. However, when I think about whom I was a year ago and who I am now, they are different people.

Now I'm not going to go on and on in some existential sense about how I've “changed” and I'm so much “better” now. All I know is that now, consistently, when I wake up in the morning I do not immediately feel a pang of deeply rooted discontentment with where I am and what I am doing. I'm finally happy. Of course I ride the emotional train that sometimes derails, but my baseline emotion defaults to happy and somewhat optimistic. This just goes to show that I've finally made the right choice for me. What may ultimately make it right though is that it is the first decision I've made, and worked tirelessly to achieve. Ending up here, even if for only a while, was my Fado.




Mar. 13th, 2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
I loved this entry :] It was very optimistic, and idk, I just really liked it!

So, Fado means "Destiny", huh? That's really awesome. I'm gonna start using that :D

Ahhh, we have like N0 Starbucks here, therefore, I've never been to one. But when I was in TN yesterday, there was one on like every single corner, and can you believe I STILL did not stop?! Geeeez.


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